Why Need an E-Commerce Website? Easy Steps to Build.

Why Need an E-Commerce Website?

Creating an e-commerce website is much more important for e-commerce businesses. Just as stores are important for grocery stores, e-commerce websites are important for doing e-commerce business. But the problem is with creating e-commerce websites. Many people start e-commerce businesses to fulfill their goals or as a hobby, but after the trouble with creating a website.

The question is, why do Daraj or big e-commerce companies build websites with millions of rupees. With them, what’s the difference between a low-cost website? Or is it impossible to build an ecommerce website for less than a lakh rupees? Thus, with the answers to many questions, detailed rules and regulations for creating an e-commerce website will be discussed.

Why Need an E-Commerce Website?

Own Brand Identity

Having a website means you have a brand identity. For example, people remember the names of Amazon, Alibaba or Daraj. But, now you can tell which shop page name is coming to your mind on Facebook?


A quality website can easily gain the trust and confidence of the customer. But, a Facebook page can’t achieve this easily.

The Advantage of Displaying the Product

On the website you can interestingly display products by category. Customers can easily search or find the product of their choice. Also, you can easily order. Much like a super-shop, though it is improved and simpler than a super-shop.

Easy Marketing

Those who give ads on Facebook or Google. They know how easy it is to have a website to quickly increase sales, including customer retargeting.

Increase Sales

In addition to direct customers coming to the website, visitors also come from Facebook and Google search engines. It is possible to find the perfect customer from Google. When a person buys nakshi kantha online, he does not know where to buy it. Then he will search on Google. And if your website comes first after searching on Google? Think about what will happen then? Got a customer very easily? This is called SEO. If you want to put your website first on Google, you have to do SEO or add to Google.

Understand Customer Needs

You can analyze the data of the customers through the website. The more the customer searches for a product, the more information the customer will know about the place, age, etc.

Easy Steps to Build an E-commerce Website

How to create an e-commerce website? Why not create a website with anyone? The following things you must know.

Purchase of Domain and Hosting

The very first step in creating a website is to purchase a domain and hosting. Simply put, domain name is the name of the website, such as google.com, alibaba.com, daraz.com.bd etc. And hosting is the place where you put your website information, products, product pictures. However, if you are not a little clever in this case, there is a possibility of getting caught.

Things to keep in mind when buying a domain:

  • Whether they are trustworthy from the site you are buying from, that is, how long they have been doing business. Will he stay in the future or will he run away with a lot of blankets?
  • Whether to give you full control of the domain. Whether they have the facility to transfer from one site to another in the future. If so, what the charges are and whether the domain transfer authentication code is under your control.
  • Domain locked?
  • How loyal is the company?

Things to keep in mind when buying hosting:

  • What kind of customer care support
  • Whether there is a brand email facility
  • Whether to have full cPanel access
  • How much space and bandwidth and whether to upgrade in the future
  • What is their uptime
  • Whether Moneyback Guarantees

Website Design and Development

The next step in buying domain hosting is website design and development. You can do this yourself if you can. If not, you can hire a professional web developer. Whoever you do it with, you need to know the following things. If not, the website is more likely to be damaged.

Website Theme

Ask the web designer who created the website, whether he will create the site with a free theme or paid. If it is a paid theme, you will know where to buy it. In general, ThemeForest is a popular and good site for buying themes for WordPress. In case of paid themes, check if you have given the Purchase Code of ThemeForest and if you will get future updates.

Transaction and Payment Gateway

After creating the site, it is important to arrange how the customer will make the payment. You can arrange for cash on delivery if you want. Also, you can have a digital payment method. In this case, you will get more benefits in WordPress. If you want you can take payment in cash, bKash, Rocket using free plugin. In that case the customer has to pay manually.

If you want, you can use the payment gateway. In the case of new e-commerce, buying a gateway with money is not very important.


If it is a WordPress website, WordPress will take care of the security related to the code. Of course, you have to worry about hosting cpanel, email, wordpress dashboard login password. In that case, use strong passwords. An example of a strong password is the combination of symbols, numbers and capital letters and small letters in the password.

Also, you can keep the site integrated with Cloudflare to prevent DDoS attacks or site downtime. There are other security issues that can be found on Google.


This is a short article about creating an e-commerce website. I hope you found the article useful. You probably know why you need an e-commerce website and how to create one. If you want to know more about e-commerce websites, please comment.