Multivendor E-commerce Website Benefits – Explained Details

Now, the impact of Covid-19 on business is starting to fall in a very bad way. The shops are all closed in the long lockdown. The whole world has stopped for an invisible virus. As a result, the trend of using mobile, laptop and internet has increased several times day by day. Many are taking advantage of this opportunity now. But people do not stop shopping on lockdown but online shopping is fast becoming popular among the people of our country. In addition to regular ecommerce, many people are shopping at home from multivendor e-commerce website.

Well, have you ever shopped at super shops? There are many types of products available under one roof in the supermarket. For this reason, there is no need to rush from one shop to another. Even if it happens online, you can find all kinds of product content in one ecommerce site! So tell me how it is? Yes, this is the multi vendor website. It doesn’t take 4/5 hours to visit a website to buy a product. Everything is available under one roof. Our time is also being saved because of the multivendor e-commerce website.

Different Types of Websites

You must have heard of the international Amazon, Alibaba multi vendor ecommerce website. Many more multi-vendor e-commerce websites including Daraz, Ajkerdeal have been launched in our country. At present, the people of Bangladesh are accepting many such things in keeping pace with the world. So in today’s episode we will talk to you about multivendor e-commerce websites. We will find out what are the benefits of multivendor e-commerce websites?

Let’s get acquainted with different types of ecommerce websites.

Regular E-commerce Website

You have some quality products. You now divide the products into several categories and arrange them on the website. The order came to you. Delivered. That’s all. This is a regular ecommerce website.

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website

You have no products of your own. But you have an ecommerce website. Different vendors will upload their products to your site for sale. Product orders will come to you. Then you take the product from the vendor and give it to the customer, as a site admin you will keep a commission from the vendor. This is the idea of ​​Multi Vendor eCommerce website.

However, the owners of some multi-vendor ecommerce websites bring their own godowns and store the products from the vendors. So can deliver to customers quickly. Again some bring the product from the vendor after the order arrives. That is why delivery of goods is delayed, many times orders are canceled. For example, we can say that the international Amazon, Alibaba and in our country Daraz, Ajkerdeal are Multi Vendors.

Classified Ad Posting Website

Have you ever traded products from, Many people advertise their old products here. Here users can advertise the sale of their product. Customers will contact the seller directly. Unlike multi vendor websites, the site admin will not be a middleman. So how does the site admin earn money? Money can be taken from sellers with premium ads. This is the classified ad posting website.

Advantages of Multivendor E-commerce Website

Need a Small Investment

You don’t need a product of your own for a multi vendor website. Here you will get products from vendors. Since you are a middleman, the risk of loss is less. All you have to do is set up a website, site management, marketing, product delivery and some other small expenses. So I say you don’t need a huge investment to run a multivendor e-commerce website.

A lot of products are being bought and sold online every day. All things considered, the future of a multi-vendor e-commerce website is bright.

No Problem of Product Storage

You have no worries about storage and warehousing. You will take the products from the vendors and deliver them to the customers. So you can do business without renting a shop or warehouse. You have to have an office to run the business. In this case, more manpower or equipment is not required to store the product. Many products can be wasted during storage. But admins of multi vendor websites do not have to take such risks.

Many Types of Products Can be Sold Together

Many categories of products can be uploaded on the Multi Vendor eCommerce website. Here different types of customers can shop according to their needs. You may have seen Daraj’s website. There are many categories of products uploaded on their website. So shoppers can do all the shopping from one place. Without going directly to the market, people are now buying many kinds of products including clothes and electronics from the Multi Vendor ecommerce website.

It is almost impossible to succeed at work without a plan. So you need to think about time and create a good quality website so that many types of products can be sold together.

More Profit in Less Effort

Vendors write product descriptions on multi vendor ecommerce sites. Moreover, in most cases, the packaging and delivery is done by the vendors. This requires less effort from the admins of the multi vendor site. E-commerce is currently gaining acceptance at a higher rate. People are leaning towards technology day by day. The e-commerce business is expected to expand exponentially in the future. Since there are many types of products on the multi vendor site, you can easily bring traffic to the site. Marketing can be done very easily.

How to Create a Multivendor E-commerce Site Very Easily?

There are several ways to create a website. It is better to decide what kind of website to create by consulting with experts. In order to ensure that those who visit your website do not face any problem, you have to choose a good technology even if the cost is a little higher. One of the most popular CMS platforms in the world today is WordPress. The eCommerce feature of WordPress is WooCommerce. With WordPress, it is possible to create a dynamic ecommerce site at a very low cost. Many people offer to create WordPress websites at a very low price. However, you must check the quality of their work.

In addition to WordPress, there are many CMS like Megento, OpenCart, ZenCart, Shopify, PrestaShop etc. Some of these have many specific benefits. Then let’s talk about PHP / Laravel. WordPress was ready-made, and when built with PHP / Framework, it’s completely hand-made clean code. However, the cost is a little higher.

Finally Words

The MultiVender e-commerce website business is booming. So those who want to engage in this business should plan and prepare now. Now hiring reputable freelancers from the marketplace to create a website seems expensive and troublesome to many in our country. So make your website from a good web development and design company.


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