Top Online Games in the World to Play Right Now.

Top Online Games in the World to Play Right Now

The popularity of the game as the source of entertainment for the current generation of young people is the most. You can understand it by looking at the huge market of the game. At present, the total value of the world’s game market is about 120 billion dollars. Keeping pace with the times, online games are dominating the gaming market. And today’s article about the top 5 online games of the present time.


PUBG has about 50 million active players in the world. Comes on the market in 2018. By far the most popular online game is Players Unknown Battleground or PUBG. One of the top games in the Battle Royale format, this game always has a lot of active players throughout the day. Pubji is basically an H1Z1 and Armor based game. This game can be played by 100 people at a time and according to the rules of Battle Royale, the winner will be the one who survives last. Pubji has become popular mainly for its realistic graphics and real situations. And after a few days, its location map is updated, which can attract players to the game quite well. That’s why PUBG is one of the most popular games in the world.


It has been at the top of popularity among gamers since 2018 for its dramatic effects and various techniques. It is especially popular with gamers in North America and Europe. Fortnite dance has become one of the most popular celebration styles in the world. Equipment, a different kind of game stage attracts gamers to play this game.

Apex Legends

Battle Royale is one of the most popular online games in the world today. Most of the gamers who don’t like PUBG and Fortnite like Apex Legends. The victory or defeat of this team based battle Royal game is calculated based on how many members the squad has. This is the best superhero based game of 2021.

League of Legends

The League of Legends is called the Evergreen Game. In this game, players can play with the champion character as they like. The main interesting thing about this game is its graphics. Because of the graphics, it has been a favorite online platform game for gamers for almost a decade.

Counter Strike

The game is divided into two teams of terrorists and anti-terrorists in a tournament of a total of twenty-seven matches. The main reason why the multiplayer shooter game is attractive to gamers around the world is its gaming tactics. Divided into two teams, the teams do shooting and bombing and in the end all the members of the team die and the team loses. At present the popularity of this game is at its peak.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular computer game. The mobile version was launched last year. Tencent Games has co-developed Call of Duty who have developed PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty got a lot of popularity with the launch. This game graphics look so beautiful like a HD action movie.

Call of Duty is a BattleGround game that is completely different from the computer version.

If you want to play Call of Duty smoothly, you need to have 3-4 GB RAM and a medium processor in your mobile.


If you want to have an enjoyable fun of the online games above, you have to take a challenge against the real person. These online games are very popular, millions of users around the world are associated with this game.

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