How to Start a Successful Blogging in 2021 – Easy Guide.

Start a Successful Blogging

At present, blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. People who are interested in making money online want to blog today but they do not know how to become a blogger. This is how you start thinking of blogging. Today I will discuss how to start a successful blogging in full.

In fact, blog means website. Although there is a little difference between blogs and websites, this can be taken for granted. Usually every blog has a topic that is also called the niche of that blog.

What is Blogging?

When you search on google for how to become a blogger, you see a lot of results on Google where the websites are sorted according to the rank. Go to any website you want and read your desired article. A blogger has written that article.

You will also see ads on the website that can be seen by google ads through google adsense. Bloggers make some income by showing that ad.

Now think about how you can become a blogger? If you search for this or anything else, you spend most of your time inside the top websites. Google checks many parameters with its algorithm and brings the best articles to the first rank.

How to Create a Blog

If you want to know how to create a successful blog, you have to learn how to create a blog or website. Blogs or websites can be created on different platforms. On which your blog is placed. For example – blogger, wordpress platform, joomla etc.

How to create a free website? Blogger is the best platform when you want to create a free website, it is a product of Google. You can start earning by purchasing a domain and adding it to Blogger. 

What it Takes to Blog

All you need to start blogging is to create a gmail account. Internet connection with a smartphone. In this case, it is better to have an ordinary laptop or computer. It is mentioned that you can start blogging for free, but I think it would be better to buy a custom domain. There are a lot of advantages to having a custom domain. You should also buy a domain from a good web hosting service provider.

The Benefits of Blogging

Personal Branding 

By blogging you can reach your website visitors as well as create your personal branding. Branding means your visitors will think you are the best on the topic you write about. 

Although it ranks a lot lower, it will go to your website and your website visitors will continue to increase and the website will rank higher at the top of Google.


By blogging you can be connected with a lot more technology to solve any problem related to technology very easily. At present, it is wise to stand up and learn about technology.


In the next case of blogging you will reach a very good place. The quality of your lifestyle will change a lot which happens to every successful blogger all the time.

Earning for Blogging

You can earn a lot of money by blogging which can be very useful in your personal life or in all cases. The earnings from the serpent are much more than other methods.


Every successful blogger serves as an inspiration to other bloggers. In this case, inspiration will be created in the way and you will have a fanbase.

Do for Others

Your blog will only succeed when you help your visitors. As a result, many visitors continue to benefit a lot.


If you don’t want to do anything in life then you can take blogging as a profession in the next case or it will serve as your backup plan.

Own Boss

You don’t have to go anywhere for blogging, you can do it at home and your boss can take a day off if you want.

How to be Successful in Blogging?

About 90% of bloggers don’t work after spending time for 3/4 months. This may not be successful. Now what is the opinion to be successful in blogging? The key to be successful in blogging is to find out the reasons why you are failing.

Wrong Niche Selection

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Blogging aint for me either in which they cannot work or work for a while and leave unsuccessfully.


Another reason for failure is not maintaining continuity. Many work for a while and do not continue.

Start blogging with patience and courage. You will surely succeed in following the right ways.