Top Ten Mobile Apps in Bangladesh

Top Ten Mobile Apps in Bangladesh

The advancement of technology is increasing every day. Along with other technologies, the use of mobile technology, especially mobile phones, is on the rise in Bangladesh. From the smallest to the most expensive brands of mobile phones can now be seen in the hands of the general public. Mobile apps are now not only necessary for the youth, but have become a special style of youth. Of course, this scenario is similar not only in Bangladesh, but also in other countries of the world. Now people everywhere are choosing different brands of phones. Apple’s iPhone, Nokia’s latest model, HTC, Sony, Blackberry and other brands are in everyone’s hands.

Whatever the brand, users now want to keep up with the world. It may be Samsung’s latest model, but it must have all the advantages of Android. Young people in Bangladesh now want to have all the new apps on their mobile phones or tablets. They like mobile phones only after seeing what games have come, what new media is there, whether there are any. They want to take full advantage of the revolution that has been achieved through mobile phones.

Now let’s find out which apps are running in Bangladesh now. However, these apps are not the end. At the rate at which new apps are being created and people’s needs are increasing, the popular apps may seem old at one time. This fact, however, points to the multiple uses of mobile phones in Bangladesh.


This mobile app is almost like Skype. It is now available for free on mobile. Video calls, video chats, voice chats and SMS can be sent with this app. This app can be used on almost all smart phones and tablets. It has made all kinds of communication special for Bangladeshis. All the methods of sending messages on mobile phone are available in this app. The biggest advantage of the Fringe app is that you can chat with up to four people at once. However, some money has to be counted for it.

Ridmik keyboard

Typing in different languages, at least Bengali and English is a daily necessity. This free app is very useful for the people of Bangladesh. You can write easily in Bengali and English. You can try.

Suprobhat Bangladesh

You need to look at one and look at another magazine. Doing this on a mobile phone is quite a hassle. But good morning can really free you from that trouble. Again, many newspapers have some special news which only the readers can buy and read the daily newspaper. Good morning all the exclusive news will be available together. News or any interesting topic can also be shared on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Desi TV

Want to watch a little television along the way with the best mobile apps. Favorite event. Please download this app on your smartphone. You can watch live television. Channels in the country and abroad can be seen with this app. But how many channels you can watch will depend on two things. First of all, all the channels of your choice can be rendered on mobile. And the second is that your mobile phone must have Flash Player supported. The Flash Player app is also available for free.

Bangladesh Weather App

This is an absolutely modern weather app. You will get all the weather news in it. The latest weather in the major cities of the country can be known from here. In a word, this app is awesome to get rain forecast, radar and ten day weather forecast.

Bangla Rashifal

This is also a free lifestyle app among the best mobile apps. Interestingly, it is rapidly gaining popularity among Bangladeshis. It was, of course, somewhat entertaining at first. Now daily as well as week, month and year-round horoscopes are seen. Is now updated daily. The horoscopes are selected and written by the best horoscope experts in the country.

Singles Around Me

A sense of excitement can work in the work itself. This app is also fast becoming popular. Appropriate people are basically using it. Looking for people of choice. Using this app, people with similar preferences, living in nearby areas, can quickly find like-minded people. The apps are safe and easy to use.

Train Schedule

The train schedule is easily available using the app called Bangladesh Train Schedule. The changes in the train schedule from time to time will also be updated in this app. Bangladesh Railway divides the time schedule into two parts, East and West. You can easily know the address of the nearest railway station. There is no doubt that these apps are very useful for surviving the hassle of leaving the train at 9 o’clock.

Bangladesh Radio

Free Android apps for smartphones. You can easily listen to the radio program. Streaming is also fantastic. The big advantage is that you can list the radio of your choice. You will hear old programs on the radio again. On the way, why miss the opportunity to listen to the latest news or songs. You are very interested in sports, you want to know the news of your favorite star, once you open the app!

Android Bangladesh

This app is a lot inside one. This app is also useful for smartphone users in Bangladesh. All the popular topics of Bangladesh can be found using the app. This is basically a lifestyle app. Popular apps Facebook can be used from here. Can also be used for online shopping. In a word, it is a very necessary app to find Bangladesh.

New apps are being added every day. You can also easily find the app of your choice and need. There are at least more than 1200 apps related to Bangladesh alone. Area based apps are also being created regularly. You can put all the necessary apps together in the apps suite of your smartphone or tablet. You can customize these again as per your requirement.

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