Operating System: Which is Better among Windows, Mac, Linux?

Windows, Mac, Linux Operating System

Know about the most popular operating systems and find what is better for you.

Whenever we go to buy a computer or laptop. We see different types of laptops. Some have Windows operating systems. Some have Linux. Apple’s laptop also has a Mac operating system installed. And these should confuse us as to which laptop to take. Or which is right for you? That’s why today I want to give complete information about this, so that you do not have to think much about the operating system when you buy a laptop or computer next time. So let’s find out which operating system is better.

The users of these 3 system software are different. And those who use system software prefer other system software.


Windows is a system software which we also call an operating system. It is a widely used operating system. The most used Windows operating system in the world. The user interface of Windows is very good so that the user can easily learn and use the Windows OS.

There are a lot of applications for the Windows operating system, so most of the applications can be seen in Windows. Since it is possible to install third party apps, the chances of a virus attack are high. Lots of apps are created in Windows and Windows operating systems are used a lot, so most viruses are found in Windows OS. Speed ​​is very slow in the Windows OS. As a result, it takes a lot of time to do any work compared to other OS.

Advantages of Windows OS:

  • Easy to learn or use.
  • Most application software is built for the Windows operating system. New games and most applications are available in Windows.
  • Windows supports almost all types of new hardware.
  • You can use it by adding any new device. For example, you can use any mouse immediately. And Windows Mouse will automatically understand if you have the driver installed. Other operating systems also understand automatically but are not so good and sometimes cause problems.
  • Different types of laptops for Windows are available in the market with different specifications at different prices then you can easily find laptops. Because there is a lot in the Windows laptop market.

Disadvantages of Windows OS

  • Windows operating systems run slower than other OS. So more computer hardware is needed, which means more power CPU, RAM, etc. The hardware configuration of the computer on or with the old computer will hang too much, not too much.
  • The virus in it is very likely to house it. This is why antivirus is available for Windows operating systems. It becomes slower after using antivirus.


The Mac operating system is a system software made by Apple. This software is only available on Apple devices. In fact, Apple does not sell separate OS. Apple makes its own devices and sells by installing Mac operating software on those devices. So you can’t install the Mac OS without Apple’s product.

Apple made the device for the Mac OS, Apple made the device to work very well. As a result, the hardware on Apple devices is not very good, but the operating system works very fast because the software matches very well with the hardware.

You can’t install any 3rd party software using Mac, and it costs a lot of money to install any other software after purchase. We all know that apples are very expensive as well as the price of Apple’s application is much higher.

Advantages of Mac OS

Advantages of Mac Operating System

Software is made in keeping with the hardware. As a result the computer is much less fast. Hang is rarely seen. And that’s why Mac users don’t want to use Windows. Because Mac is much faster than Windows.

Apple mac is very good in terms of security. Mac system software does not allow you to use 3rd party apps. That’s why it’s much more secure than Windows. You can buy everything you need from the Apple software store.

Some Disadvantages of Mac

  • Mac software cannot be purchased separately. If you want to use the Mac OS, you need to buy an Apple laptop or computer. Apple’s laptops cost a lot more than other laptops.
  • Apple is not very good for those who play games. Because most games are not developed for Mac OS. Very limited games can be seen in Apple.
  • Very limited application is available when using Mac.
  • The variety of Mac OS laptops is very small. If you want to buy a Mac OS laptop in the market, you have to buy an Apple laptop. There are some Apple models in the market.


Linux is an open source operating software. It can be easily downloaded and installed online, no money is required.

Anyone can get the source code of this software for being open source software. You can also change the source code. You can customize it as you like. Linux operating systems are usually very good for developers and if you can use Linux then it is very good for you to run your website securely.

Linux OS is very fast and can run easily on low configuration laptop computers. But the Linux operating system is not very good for watching videos. You can install Windows to watch videos. The Linux OS is not very user friendly. So no one new to Linux will be able to use it easily. This means that it is harder to use than Linux, Windows and Mac.

Advantages of Linux OS

  • It is available for free
  • Laptop computers with low configurations also work well easily.
  • Good customization can be done.
  • Very stable software. There is no problem using it.
  • Ultimately secure.

Disadvantages of Linux OS

  • Linux is not easy to use for new computer users.
  • There are far fewer Linux users. So the laptop computer in the vicinity will see other operating systems. It is a little difficult to solve the problem.


Windows is usually installed in the computer of home, office, school, college. The problem is that it is very slow, which is why many people want to use the Mac operating system, but the Mac is very expensive. So it runs very fast on Linux but for free. Although you can learn by using Linux. 

Larger companies use Linux OS. The reason is that since Linux is a little open source code software, a company can use the software to make it their own. At the same time, Linux is more secure than other software.