Sydney on lockdown for a four-week

Sydney on lockdown for a four-week, Australia has been extended for another four weeks. Authorities have blamed the rise on coronavirus infections and the slow pace of vaccinations.

Authorities said in a statement on Wednesday (July 27th).

The five-week lockdown in Sydney was due to end on July 30. But the new lockdown has been extended for another four weeks. As a result, the announced ban will continue till August 28.

“We want to keep our people safe,” said New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berezkillian, referring to the extension of the lockdown. We need to make sure we get back to where we were at the earliest. “

In Sydney, 18 new cases of coronavirus have been reported. The Corona Delta transmission began in Sydney last mid-June with an international flight crew.

Meanwhile, the pace of vaccination against corona in the country is quite slow. About 13 percent of people have been vaccinated so far. This crisis has been created due to the shortage of Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine supply. The country is not using the vaccine because of doubts about the estrogen vaccine.

Note that the total population of Australia is two and a half crore. So far more than 33,000 people have been affected by the corona. 921 people died.