Assignment of SSC-HSC candidates is canceled if copied

Assignment of SSC- HSC candidates will be canceled if copied. The government has taken initiative to monitor whether the students are copying the assignments or submitting the assignments by themselves. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has directed to form a committee of headmasters and principals of all government and private schools and colleges to monitor the assignment activities on the spot. The committee has been asked to inform the higher authorities if any SSC-HSC examinee falsifies the assignment by duplication or misuse. The department has given instructions to the heads of all schools and colleges.

The department said the committee will be headed by SSC candidates and heads of higher level institutions to monitor whether the assignment activities of students are being conducted properly under the guidance of SSC and HSC candidates from the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. .

The department says that these committees should ensure that all the candidates participate in the assignment activities. Students should make sure that they do not resort to duplication or any kind of malpractice in the assignments. If any student appears to have resorted to duplication in the assignment, then cancel it and inform the higher authority and warn the student not to repeat the matter.

The committees will ensure that the students submit the assignments in their own handwriting. The committee will closely monitor whether the assignments are properly evaluated by the teachers as per the instructions, saved and the numbers are entered in the excel sheet correctly. The committee will monitor the ongoing assignment activities in their respective organizations in a smooth and successful manner. The instructions issued from time to time by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education regarding the assignment should be followed properly.