Building materials, heavy vehicles plying across the school grounds

Building materials, heavy vehicles plying across the school grounds. After a year and a half, the children returned to school with the impression of panic in the tender minds of the students. The body is trembling with fear. Because all the heavy vehicles are making loud noises on their school grounds. Evict the whole playground. Huge piles of construction materials have been placed in the field. Dhalharachandra Government Primary School students at Shailkupa in Jhenaidah had a different day after the school reopened on Sunday after the school was closed for a year and a half due to the global epidemic in Corona. All the other schools in the district were abuzz, but they didn’t think there was any uproar. The hill of the contractor on the school grounds stood in the way of the construction materials festival.

Despite instructing to clean the school grounds by September 6, the contractor did not remove the construction materials from the Dhalharachandra Government Primary School grounds. As a result, hundreds of children and students of the school had to go to school on the first day of school with bitter experience and fear of an accident. According to the school teachers and residents, Mizanur Rahman and Mainuddin Banshi JV got the work order for the construction of Sheikhpara Vaya Shailkupa-Langalbadh 28 km road of Jhenaidah Roads and Highways Department.

The construction cost of the road has been estimated at Tk 6 crore. After receiving the work order, construction materials were kept in Dhalharachandra Government Primary School. On Sunday, it was seen that there are huge piles of sand, soil, bricks, cobbles and stones of the road construction contractor in the school grounds. At the same time, heavy vehicles used for fetching construction materials are plying across the school grounds. Parents said that if this continues, there is a risk of an accident on the school campus. Shirin Sultana, headmaster of Dhalharachandra Primary School, said her school has more than 150 students. As the school was closed due to Corona, the school ground was taken over by the contractor.

No permission was sought from the school authorities. Israil Hossain, Upazila Primary Education Officer, said that he had informed about the huge pile of construction materials of the contractor on the school campus through the engineer of Jhenaidah Roads and Highways Department to remove the contractor. But nothing worked. Mizanur Rahman Masum, the owner of the contractor, said, “I am in Dhaka. I don’t know anything about it.”