Best Pomeranian Medical University (PMU), Szczecinie, Poland 2023

Pomeranian Medical University Rankings, Courses, Admissions, freights, and literacy
Pomeranian Medical University is a public university established in 1948 in Szczecin that offers an intramural system for studies. Since 1996,

PMU has offered studies in the area of drug and since 2006, in dentistry considering English as a medium of instruction. Medicine and Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Medicine, and the Faculty of Health lores comprise the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. It has 13 academic programs.

The University cooperations with numerous medical hospitals, seminaries, and conventions in Europe itself. Also, Pomeranian Medical University has inked colorful agreements with multiple universities in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. The Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin employs,147 people, 695 of whom are scientific and tutoring labor force 104 faculty members, 104 adjunct professors, and 371 croakers

presently, over 600 scholars are studying at Pomeranian Medical University in both majors in the English division. Every time, over 100 seats are offered to scholars of Medicine and roughly 30 seats to scholars of Dentistry. Adding to the fact, around 350 scholars have graduated formerly in their chosen majors. scholars can pierce world- leading multidisciplinary and medical databases in the library of Pomeranian Medical University for free.

Best Pomeranian Medical University (PMU), Szczecinie, Poland 2023

Pomeranian Medical University Rankings

Sources Rank
US News( Global) in 2022- 23 1498
US News( in Europe) in 2022- 23 534
US News( in Poland) in 2022- 23 35
US News( in Clinical Medicine) in 2022- 23 572
Shanghai Ranking( in Clinical Medicine) in 2022 401- 500
EduRank( Global) in 2022 2428
EduRank( in Europe) in 2022 747
EduRank( in Poland) in 2022 47
EduRank( in Szczecin) in 2022 3
UniRank( Global) in 2022 4845
UniRank( National) in 2022 67

Why study at Pomeranian Medical University?

scholars can pierce medical databases and services for free similar as Web of Science, MEDLINE, ProQuest, SCOPUS, andAnatomy.TV, Dentistry and Oral wisdom Source, Ebrary, etc.
RECQL- the new high- threat bone gene was discovered in the Pomeranian Medical University by preceptors belonging to the inheritable department. Best Pomeranian Medical University (PMU), Szczecinie, Poland 2023
PMU has been working on a design on an transnational scale the inheritable database of Totalitarianism’s Victims.

Programs and Courses offered at Pomeranian Medical University

The University offers 3 medical courses to transnational scholars in English as the medium of instruction.

Programs Times of Study Annual Tuition( in EUR) * Annual Tuition( in USD) *
Medicine 6 times,500,875
Dentistry 5 times,500,875
Nursing 3 times NA NA
Lot and Accommodation at Pomeranian Medical University
The University offers outstanding training for unborn dentists or croakers
on lot only. Lot culture offers scholars the to live and learn in different surroundings, learn different languages and most importantly, different scientific ways.

Dormitories within the lot with Single apartments, double apartments, and triadic apartments are handed with attached washrooms and completely furnished cabinetwork. Basic amenities are listed below. Best Pomeranian Medical University (PMU), Szczecinie, Poland 2023

Fridge Microwave oven ranges
Telephone Bedding
Laundry service restroom
Free internet access Table and Cupboard
Apartments are each set with bed wastes, pillows, and bedspreads. So, scholars need not bring their essentials.

Admission Conditions for International Students

The operation for admission can be made via Gyanberry Application Services or directly through the university website. Below are the documents needed to get admission to the university.

Academic reiterations
former education attestations
English language Certificate( medium of completing secondary academy should be English)
Copy of passport
2 passport- size photos
Eligibility Criteria Applicant must have studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics as main subjects in academy. Best Pomeranian Medical University (PMU), Szczecinie, Poland 2023

Admission Deadlines Deadlines generally fall in July

operation figure 85 EUR/ 88 USD *(non-refundable)

Pre-Course figure 600 EUR/ 620 USD *(non-refundable and only for those, whose operations are accepted.)

Education freights, and Cost of Attendance

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The normal charges of a pupil studying at Pomeranian Medical University are tabulated below.

Particulars Annual Charges( in PLN) * Periodic Charges( in USD) *
Education figure,780,055
Transportation 660 145
Total Charges,960,310
The total monthly cost of attendance for transnational scholars is,960 PLN or,310 USD *.

  • Note Converted at the rate of 1 EUR = ,70 PLN, 1 EUR = 1.03 USD, 1 PLN = 0.22 USD. The exchange rates are subject to periodic change. literacy for International Students literacy are granted to transnational scholars in case of disabilities and disadvantages only. transnational scholars can look for literacy in their home country or relate to the government website of study in Poland to explore their education possibilities. The Polish government offers literacy for both EU andNon-EU scholars, one similar education being “ literacy for citizens from developing countries. ”Best Pomeranian Medical University (PMU), Szczecinie, Poland 2023