Valentine’s Day 2023: Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14? Know history and significance of day 

Valentine’s Day 2023: Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14? Know the history and significance of the day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th that is associated with romantic love and affection. It is traditionally a day for couples to exchange gifts and express their love for one another, but it can also be a day to celebrate all forms of love, including friendships and familial love. The holiday has a long history dating back to ancient Rome and has been celebrated in various forms around the world.

Valentine’s Day 2023: As Valentine’s Week draws to an end, lovers around the world prepare to mark February 14 as Valentine’s Day. The final day of Valentine’s Week is Valentine’s Day. On this day, people shower their significant other, crush, or possible spouse with extravagant gestures, presents, romantic dates, and other displays of affection. Some people also celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of self-love, spending money on activities they enjoy or pampering themselves. Valentine’s Day is all about being in love and honoring love, whether you’re single or not.

Different Ways to Express and Receive Love and Affection

Everybody has a preferred method of expressing and receiving love and affection. These preferences are also seen in neurodiverse individuals. I have learned a variety of behavioral patterns in both verbal and nonverbal people through my job as a BCBA. For instance, a non-verbal person can express affection by coming close, standing close by, or grasping the other person’s hand. Some people express their affection by making eye contact, sharing a favorite toy, or engaging in a shared activity. A talkative individual could converse about something they are considering or finding interesting. However, some people could show themselves in the ways we anticipate, such as by saying “I love you” or asking how your day is going. Each individual will act in a manner commensurate with their own capacity.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14?

Valentine’s Day occurs on February 14 every year. Valentine’s Day reportedly did not become recognized as a day of romance until the 14th century. Valentine’s Day was observed on February 14 according to the 8th-century Gelasian Sacramentary. In the 14th and 15th centuries, when ideas of courtly love grew thanks to the association of “lovebirds” of early spring, the day came to be connected with romantic feelings. Additionally, it’s possible that the day got its name from a priest who was executed as a martyr by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus in 270 ce.

Why Quality Time Is Most Important

Simple undivided attention is frequently the most valuable gift you can provide to any child, especially those who are neurodiverse. Time spent together in a meaningful way is more than merely being in the same room for a short period of time. Making this time more fruitful can be achieved via planning and preparation. Think about what you, as a parent, would love and then enquire about or infer what your child might enjoy. Create a strategy of similar or unique interests after comparing lists. Whatever you decide, give your entire attention to the here and now. The activities don’t have to be fancy; just hanging around and watching a movie, putting together a Lego kit, playing video games, cooking, etc.,

I started looking through them and was surprised by how many of the cards were funny. Some were just funny, like “dim sum-body say it’s Valentine’s Day?” or “Roses are red, violets are blue, you shave your legs while I do a poo!” Another had a pair in the bathroom. To my astonishment, however, I also noticed that many of the cards had rather explicit language, such as “Roses are red, I’m lousy at poems. How about a shave? These playing cards have a laddish, even youthful appearance.

I questioned where the sentimental cards had gone. Where are the playing cards that promise unwavering love, exclusivity, and lifelong companionship?

It reminded me of a therapy session I had with a couple in the past. They had been married for a long time, had grown children, and had a complicated personal life. However, the wife, who I’ll call Mabel, stated that she felt she couldn’t continue living with her husband, Cole, if there was never to be any romance between them, on their 40th wedding anniversary. She had patiently waited for him to express his sentiments, but despite her persistence, Cole never confessed his affections for her with a straight face, never enjoyed kissing her, and always shrugged her off when she attempted to grasp his hand.

She claimed that his Valentine’s Day cards served as a prime example of his inability to be sincere and transparent about his sentiments. She admitted that he was obedient. But it was never from him; she always received one. Instead, he created an alternate self called Monsieur Mysterioso who sent the card, concluding pompous, corny assertions with a sketch of a Batman-style eye mask.

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It took some investigation to determine why Cole found it difficult to express his emotions and why he had to adopt this persona in order to tell his wife that he loved her. He had grown up with cold and unsupportive parents, and as a result, he had a profound phobia of expressing any need or weakness. His struggle is undoubtedly not unique; many people feel awkward about expressing their affection for others and worry that doing so may result in their hearts being wounded. Those Valentine's cards' humorous, crass sexual contents are perhaps simply another method that individuals conceal their true feelings.

How do we go about doing that? Since most couples are currently on a tight budget, the concept of a fancy night out with all the bells and whistles may seem rather scary. I once worked on a project where groups of couples received relationship counseling; one of the assignments we gave them was for each spouse to plan an event or activity that wouldn't cost more than 10 pounds. The couples' creativity and enthusiasm for the challenge were astounding. In Richmond Park, one pair rented a tandem cycle, while another played crazy golf before having a picnic.